Una historia llena de color

A story filled with color

At MASATS INDUSTRIES we believe in a world full of color, where imagination and creativity are the engines that propel learning and fun for the whole family.

With more than 75 years of experience manufacturing and distributing products for schools, we are one of the leading Spanish companies in the stationery sector, nationally and internationally.

Our main objective when developing new products is that they should be aligned with the tastes and needs of our consumers at all times. Quite a challenge nowadays, living in times of constant changes and where trends evolve very quickly.

We are strongly committed to quality and to high levels of safety in all our products, which is why all stages of their production are subject to strict process of quality control.

Masats Industry is made up of some of the most popular brands in the market: Alpino, Dacs, Manley and Daewoo.

Alpino Dacs Manley


What's 10 km away? 10 kilometers away from here is the story of the Masats brothers, who in 1933 began to reuse the wood scraps left over from their toy factory to make pencils and colored pencils. Without knowing it, this idea was going to consolidate the Alpino brand into a true reference.

But it was not until 1943, ten years later, that Alpino as we know it today was founded. Since then, the company has passed from parents to children to grandchildren, keeping its essence intact. There are also three generations of consumers who have used Alpino colored pencils to unleash their creativity.

Today ALPINO has an extensive range of products for school and home use, with a level of quality recognized by all. Thanks to the tradition of the brand and the loyalty of our customers, the wide range of pencils, waxes, scissors, among other items, are clear references in the stationery industry.



DACS, the specialist brand for colored wax crayons, with products that guarantee the highest quality.

Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and to an artisanal production process based on the search for excellence, DACS crayons stand out for being able to cover surfaces intensively without leaving particles behind.

DACS crayons have different compositions and shapes to suit the needs of each user. And they come in one of the largest color ranges in the market.



MANLEY is a leading brand in the stationery sector. Masats Industries acquired this brand in 2009 in order to complete their catalogue of school and stationery products.

MANLEY crayons are a classic product in all schools and have been around for more than 50 years. Several generations have made their initial forays into the world of drawing with a Manley crayon in their hand, becoming a reference in the artistic and educational world.

The production has remained faithful to the artisanal process that has been present since the beginning. The range of Manley crayons is complemented and completed with an extensive range of paint products such as temperas and fasteners that allow creative results filled with bright colors and high quality finishes.

Daewoo International

Daewoo International

In the consumer Electronics Division, we have been DAEWOO’s exclusive distributor in Spain and in Portugal for over 10 years. Distributing products such as home phones and audio devices.

We believe in products that bring enjoyment and lead to sharing fun experiences with family and friends. “Funny Music Everywhere” is our motto.

The “Daewoo world” is made up of a wide range of products with bold designs. One of our goals is to be present in every home, therefore we offer products with the latest technology at moderate prices.